Call the House Oversight Committee (and its Chairperson)

In addition to establishing new social norms, I’m going to call the House Oversight


Chairperson Jason Chaffetz walking in front of a helicopter

Committee today (202-225-5074) and the Chairperson of that committee, Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), (801) 851-2500) to support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. My script will go something like this:



My name is {NAME} and I’m calling from {Town, State} in order to demand a bipartisan review of Donald Trump’s financials and extreme conflicts of interest. I support Rep. Cumming’s call that the committee immediately begin conducting a review of President-elect Donald Trump’s financial arrangements to ensure that he does not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interest and that he and his advisers comply with all legal and regulatory ethical requirements when he assumes the presidency.

I totally stole that wording from Rep. Cumming’s stern note to Chairperson Jason Chaffetz. It’s almost certain I’m going to get a “mailbox full” message and so I’ll try back again and again and again. Because if I can do it for Springsteen tickets, I can do it for democracy.

After several hours, I haven’t been able to get through at all the to committee. So I have found all the R members of the committee and I’ll be calling them:

Jason Chaffetz, Utah, Chairman (801) 851-2500
Blake Farenthold, Texas (361) 884-2222
Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming (307) 772-2595
Buddy Carter, Georgia (912) 265-9010
Gary Palmer, Alabama (205) 968-1290
Jim Jordan, Ohio (419) 999-6455
Jody Hice, Georgia (770) 207-1776
Jimmy Duncan, Tennessee (865) 523-3772
John Mica, Florida 407-657-8080
Justin Amash, Michigan (269) 205-3823
Mark Meadows, North Carolina (202) 225-6401
Mike Turner, Ohio (937) 225-2843
Ken Buck, Colorado (970) 702-2136
Mark Walker, North Carolina (336) 229-0159
Paul Gosar, Arizona (480) 882-2697
Mick Mulvaney, South Carolina (864) 206-6004
Rod Blum, Iowa (319) 266-6925
Ron DeSantis, Florida 904-827-1101
Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee (423) 472-7500
Thomas Massie, Kentucky (606) 324-9898
Tim Walberg, Michigan (517) 780-9075
Trey Gowdy, South Carolina (864) 241-0175
Steve Russell, Oklahoma (405) 602-3074
Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin (920) 907-0624
Will Hurd, Texas 830-422-2040

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